Southern Pacific

Beaumont Hill


Beaumont Hill: Southern Pacific’s Southern California Gateway takes you trackside to witness the pageant of over a century of train operations.

OUT OF STOCKDonner PassDonner Pass

Donner Pass


Donner Pass by John R. Signor — the full story of rail operations over the West’s first mountain mainline, with the Southern Pacific front and center.

OUT OF STOCKRailroad Photography: Western StatesRailroad Photography: Western States

Railroad Photography: Western States


The end of steam and the dawn of diesel power was the time when Navy photographer Robert O. Hale began documenting western railroads. David P. Morgan, longtime editor of Trains Magazine, classified Hale’s work as unique and innovative.

OUT OF STOCKTehachapiTehachapi



Tehachapi by John R. Signor differs from many histories of the railroad, in that it features two mainline railroads operating over a single mountain grade.

The Railroad Caboose


The Railroad Caboose by William F. Knapke with Freeman Hubbard is the most distinctive, most comprehensive volume ever built around a piece of railroad rolling stock. A century of tradition is served up in an easy-to-read style with a matchless picture gallery.

The Streamline Era


The Streamline Era by Robert C. Reed presents the complete streamline story as it relates to trains and locomotives, where swift movement was significant.

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